Humanities Building Plaza Entrance

UPDATED 9/27: The HUMANITIES Building has been fenced off and work has begun. The PATHWAY between the Humanities Building and the Neuberger Museum of Art (NMA) will be inaccessible. Use the pathway between the NMA and the Visual Arts building as an alternate route.

University Police has been relocated to its new office location along Lincoln Avenue where it passes under the campus plaza. Use the stairs in front of the Student Services Building.

All faculty and staff offices have been moved. Click here to find new locations for faculty and staff.

TO COME: The building will be closed for approximately two years.

When complete, Humanities will have new windows; interiors; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; will be ADA-compliant; and will meet the requirements for LEED Silver rating.

More information

Current UPD entrance in Humanities, accessible from Lincoln Avenue

New UPD entrance along Lincoln Avenue scheduled to open mid-September

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